CIÉ Bye-Laws

Statutory Instrument No. 251 of 2014 - Córas Iompair Éireann Bye-Laws (Confirmation) Order 2014 is available to download

The Road Traffic Act, 1961, and Statutory Instruments, made thereunder require, inter alia, that a passenger or intending passenger in a bus:

  • Shall not give any starting signal to the driver.
  • Shall on request by a conductor or inspector state the journey he intends to take and the place at which he boarded the bus, shall pay the fare due for the journey, and shall produce the ticket to a conductor or inspector on request.
  • Shall comply with any lawful direction given to him by the conductor for the purpose of ensuring the comfort or safety of passengers or with regard to the placing of any article brought by him on the bus.
  • Shall not travel on the platform, or stand, while travelling on the upper deck of a double-decked bus.
  • Shall deliver up to the conductor any article of lost property found by him on the vehicle.
  • Shall not use obscene or offensive language or conduct himself in a riotous or disorderly manner, or smoke in or on any part of a bus operated by Bus Éireann, or spit upon or from the bus, or wilfully damage, soil or defile the bus.
  • Shall not wilfully remove, displace, deface or alter any notice or advertisement in or on the bus.
  • Shall not, to the annoyance of other passengers, operate any wireless apparatus or other instrument or make any excessive noise by singing, shouting, etc.
  • Shall leave the bus forthwith, if in the opinion of the conductor he is in a condition offensive to other passengers, or if his clothing may reasonably be expected to injure the clothing of other passengers, or the lining or cushions of the bus.
  • Shall not travel with a dangerous or offensive article unless it is so packed that even in the case of an accident to the bus it is unlikely to cause damage or injury.
  • Shall where a conductor or driver alleges that he has committed a breach of the regulations and demands his name and address, give these particulars.
  • Shall not bring onto Bus Éireann's vehicles or have in their possession when on them, intoxicating liquor for the purpose of consuming the same.
  • Shall not consume intoxicating liquor on Bus Éireann's vehicles nor enter or remain upon Bus Éireann's vehicles having consumed intoxicating liquor or when drunk.
  • Shall not bring onto Bus Éireann's vehicles or have in their possession when on them any medicinal products other than for medicinal purposes within the meaning of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977.

Bus Éireann reserves the right to refuse entry to or to remove from Bus Éireann's vehicles any passenger who shall be or, in the opinion of the driver or other company official appears to be, in breach of any of the provisions above and any passenger so refused admission to or removed from a Bus Éireann vehicle shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation whatsoever from the company and the company shall have no liability to the passenger whatsoever hereunder in respect thereof.

Any reference to a conductor above shall, on a vehicle where no conductor is carried, be read as a reference to a driver or other authorised Bus Éireann official.

Any reference to a Bus Éireann vehicle shall, where applicable, be read as a reference to a vehicle operated for and on behalf of Bus Éireann by an authorised agent or sub-contractor, irrespective of whether any such vehicle is specifically so identified.