Leap Card Waterford

Bus Éireann/Leap Card

Leap Card offers customers a cheaper, flexible and more convenient way to travel on Bus Éireann services and other Leap enabled public transport services. Leap cards may be used on selected Bus Éireann services in Waterford city and county. Simply buy your Leap Card, top it up with travel credit or purchase a 1 day or 7 day ticket and away you go!

Where do I buy and how do I top up my Leap Card?

You may purchase and top-up a Leap Card at any of the Leap Card Payzone agents in the Waterford Area. See www.payzone.ie for the full list.

If you have an NFC enabled Android phone, you may download the Leap Top-Up App, which allows you to instantly top-up your Leap Card, check your balance and collect tickets.

You may purchase a Leap Card and Top-Up online at www.leapcard.ie. Please note that if you top-up online you will still have to collect you travel credit at either a Leap Card Payzone outlet or at the nominated load location.

A €5 refundable deposit is charged for Leap cards. You must also top up with a minimum of €5 Travel Credit at the time of the first purchase.

Are there different leap card types?

Adult Leap Card
The Adult Leap Card may be used by a person of any age, although adult fares will be applied, so it is advised that children get a Child Leap Card. A €5 fully refundable deposit is charged for Adult Leap Cards. When buying your Leap Card you must also top it up with a minimum of €5 Travel Credit.

Adult Personalised Leap Card
Adult personalised Leap Cards have your name and photograph printed on the face of the card. They work in the same way as regular adult Leap Cards. There is no extra charge for a personalised card. It works in the same way as a regular adult Leap Card i.e. a €5 fully refundable deposit is charged for Adult Personalised Leap Cards. When buying your Adult Personalised Leap Card you must also top it up with a minimum of €5 Travel Credit. Monthly and Annual Red Zone Taxsaver tickets for the Waterford area are uploaded onto Adult Leap Personalised Cards

Child Leap Card
Children under sixteen years of age may apply for a non-personalised Child Leap Card 5-15 Years and children under nineteen years of age may apply for a Personalised Child Leap Card 16 – 18 Years. Children in possession of either of these cards may avail of Leap child fares where available on designated Leap-enabled services.

Student Leap Card
Full-time second or third level students may apply for a Student Leap Card. Student Leap Cards need to be personalised. Visit www.studentleapcard.ie for full details on how to get the card. Students with a Student Leap Card travelling on designated services in the Waterford Area may avail of Leap discount on the cash Single fares.
Students aged under nineteen years however, who are in possession of a Personalised Child Leap card 16-18 Years, may avail of the discounted Child Leap town service fare.

Registering your Leap Card

You must register your Leap Card to request a refund or replacement card at www.leapcard.ie so, register now to protect your card.
Registering your Leap Card protects your travel credit or tickets if the card is lost or stolen. Once you register, you may also see your transaction history and register for Auto Top-up. You may also manage additional Leap Cards through your account (e.g. your child’s Leap Card).

What is Travel Credit?

This works just like phone credit. You top it up and then the cost of the fare or tickets is deducted from your balance every time you travel. You may use Travel Credit to get a 30% discount on the standard single fares as shown in the following table:

Waterford City Red Zone
Single Fares
(30% Discount)
Adult Single (Standard) €2.30 €1.61
Adult Single (Outer Zone) €3.20 €2.24
Student Single (Standard) n/a €1.61
Student Single (Outer Zone) €3.20 €2.24
Child Single (Standard)   €1.30 €0.91
Child Single (Outer Zone) €1.90 €1.33
Schoolchild Single (All Zones)* €1.10 €0.77

* available during school term hours only

What are the period ticket options?

If you are a more frequent traveller you may also purchase the following zonal tickets.


Waterford City Red ZoneAdultStudent
24 Hour €4.70   €2.60
7 Day €19 €15 €8.60
24 Hour €67 €52 €32

Monthly and Annual Taxsaver tickets are also available. See www.Taxsaver.ie for details.

What routes in the Waterford Area are covered by Leap Card?

You may use your Leap Card when travelling on Routes 601 to 605 in Waterford city and on Route 360.

Waterford Red Zone Tickets are valid on City Routes 601 to 605 and on Route 360 to Tramore. The outer stops of this zone are outlined below.

Waterford Red Zone - Last Stop in Zone
Stop Location Stop Name
Ballybeg Pitch & Putt Club
Outer Ring Road Airport Roundabout
Carrickphierish Road Roundabout
University Hospital Bus Stop
Oakwood Hillview Terminus
Tramore Bus Terminus

How do I use my Leap Card on board Bus Éireann services?

Travel Credit

  1. Go to the driver and ask for a single ticket to your destination and inform them you are buying your ticket using Leap Card Travel Credit.
  2. Hold your Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine and the correct fare will be deducted from your Travel Credit.

1 day or 7 day tickets

  1. Go to the driver and tell them which of the above tickets you want to purchase e.g. 7 day Red.
  2. Hold your Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine. The cost of the ticket will then be deducted from the balance on your Leap Card and the ticket will be uploaded to your Leap Card.
  3. To use the ticket there and then, put your Leap Card back on the target on the driver’s ticket machine.
  4. When you take your next journey, simply place your leap card on the target on the driver’s ticket machine. If you purchase a ticket through a Payzone agent before you board the bus, then only steps 3 & 4 apply.

Monthly Tickets
Monthly tickets are not available for purchase on board bus. They may be purchased at any listed Payzone outlet in the Cork area, at www.leapcard.ie or through the Leap Top-Up App

Monthly and Annual Taxsaver tickets are available through www.taxsaver.ie

How do I view my Travel Credit balance?

You may view your balance on the ticket machine on board the bus or ask the driver. If your card has been registered, you may view your travel credit balance in your online account as well as previous transactions on your card.
(Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for transactions to appear on your online account)

If you have an NFC enabled Android phone, you may check your balance on the Leap Top-up App. Just hold your Leap Card to the back of your phone.

You may also view your balance by asking for a balance enquiry at any Leap Card Payzone agent or by placing your card in the card ‘pocket’ at any Luas/DART/Commuter Rail ticket machine and follow instructions on the ticket vending machine screen.