Planned Revisions to Route 115/115A Mullingar to Dublin

As part of an ongoing review of public transport services in the Greater Dublin Area undertaken by the National Transport Authority, Bus Eireann introduced a revised Route 115/115A, Dublin – Kilcock – Enfield – Mullingar service which commenced on Sunday, 25 August 2013.

This revised bus timetable was designed to integrate with rail services along the Mullingar – Dublin Corridor.  Together with the rail timetable, it provides six peak hour weekday departures from Mullingar to Dublin and return (3 Rail & 3 Bus) and an hourly service off peak (2 hourly Bus & 2 hourly Rail).
Enhancements to the bus timetable included:

  • Improved clock face frequency of services
  • 3 peak hour bus departures in each direction
  • Later bus departures from Dublin to Mullingar
  • Increased level of bus services to Kilcock, Enfield and Summerhill

We would like to thank our customers for their feedback since the launch of the revised timetable. In response to this customer feedback together with increased traffic volumes along the N4, the following changes to the Route 115/115A timetable are now proposed.

Inbound towards Dublin: 

  • All services departing from Mullingar to Dublin in am peak will depart 10 minutes earlier to ensure a more reliable arrival time in Dublin city centre is achieved. For example the 06.10 service will now depart at 06.00.
  • The 06.15 departure from Killucan to Dublin will now depart at 06.10.
  • The 10.50 departure from Enfield will now depart at 11.05.
  • The 15.40 and 17.40 services from Mullingar will now depart at 16.10 and 18.10 respectively. 
  • The 19.10 service from Mullingar to Dublin will now depart at 19.40.
  • The 21.30 service from Kilcock to Dublin will now depart at 22.00. 

Outbound towards Mullingar

  • The 07.55 service to Summerhill will now depart at 07.40
  • All Route 115/115A departures from Dublin between the hours of 15.55 and 19.00 will have their journey time increased by 10 minutes due to increased traffic volumes between the city centre and Liffey Valley. 
  • The 15.25 service to Summerhill will now only operate as far as Kilcock.
  • The 18.15 service from Dublin to Killucan will now be extended to Mullingar and provide an additional peak hour return option.
  • The 20.25 service from Dublin to Kilcock will now depart at 20.55.

The proposed changes are planned for implementation in November. Full details of the changes will be announced on our website following approval by the National Transport Authority.                                                 

Tuesday, 29th October, 2013