Parents urged to consider School Transport options as secondary schools host Open Evenings

As schools across the country open their doors to prospective pupils for Open Evenings this school term, parents are reminded to also consider school transport options.

Parents urged to apply early for Bus Éireann School Transport Scheme as secondary schools host Open Evenings

Families with children attending post primary school for the first time and who will need school transport for the 2015/16 school year should make applications for school transport in good time. 

Applications for the 2015/16 school year can be made from early February 2015 and should be submitted online to Bus Éireann at before the closing date of Friday, 24 April 2015.

Late applicants are not guaranteed a seat. Bus Éireann endeavour to carry as many children as possible subject to the conditions of the Department of Education & Skills School Transport Scheme. Applying on time means your child can be taken into consideration when bus services for the new school year are being organised.

Children who reside at least 4.8 kilometres from and attending their nearest school, having regard to ethos and language, are eligible for post primary school transport.  Full terms of the Post Primary School Transport Scheme are available at and, and further information can be obtained from your local Bus Éireann School Transport Office.

Every year applications are made for transport under the Post Primary School Transport Scheme on behalf of some 10,000 post primary students across Ireland.  Children holding tickets issued by Bus Éireann under the School Transport Scheme make over 40 million individual journeys every school year travelling on almost 4,000 school transport vehicles to some 3,000 schools on over 6,000 dedicated school transport services, as well as on public scheduled bus and rail services. 

Nicola Cooke, Media and PR Manager, Bus Éireann urged parents to check out the school transport scheme for students, well in advance of the closing date for applications next Spring.

“Tens of thousands of parents and students are currently attending Open Evenings in secondary schools across the country. One of the most important aspects of moving on to secondary school is the journey to and from that new school, and therefore we would ask parents and students to consider these arrangements as they prepare for the next big step in their child’s education. All students are entitled to apply for transport under the school transport scheme and eligibility is determined based on the criteria of the scheme. The details about this can be found at” said Nicola Cooke, Media and PR Manager, Bus Éireann.

Tuesday, 11th November, 2014