Closure of Glasheen Road, Cork from junction of School Avenue to Tara Lawn junction

Due to the closure of Glasheen Road from the junction of School Avenue to the junction of Tara Lawn from 09.30 to 16.00 hours on Thursday, 21st January, the following bus stops are affected:

Inbound : Glasheen Road (Opp Flannery’s Pub); Glasheen Road (Opp Tara Lawn); Glasheen Road (The Orchards), Glasheen Road (Dorgans Road Junction), Deanroches Cross (Opp Church Car Park), Bandon Road (Deasy Mini Market)

Outbound : Bandon Rd (Mok’s Pub), Bandon Road (Murphy’s Butchers), Glasheen Road /Hartlands Ave Junction; Glasheen Road (Glasheen Park), Glasheen Road (Flannery’s Pub)

Notices displaying Customer Information is displayed on all stops.

Thursday, 21st January, 2016