‘Big Red’ makes a giant debut for Expressway

‘Big Red’ makes a giant debut for Expressway

Bus Éireann launches new Expressway advertising campaign fronted by ‘Big Red’ character

 Big Red

June 27, 2016: The character of ‘Big Red’ has been unveiled as Bus Éireann’s premium inter-regional brand Expressway launch their new campaign, which is different than anything which has gone before.

Hollywood heavy hitter John Moore, a Dundalk native who has directed A Good Day to Die Hard and Behind Enemy Lines directed the new TV advert, as part of this.

The new campaign – with the tagline Expressway, Way Better – features a giant friendly ‘Big Red,’ character. He is a metaphor for the company’s luxury intercity fleet, who takes us on a journey of the imagination.

The company has allocated a budget of almost €500,000 for the campaign – which will run across a host of platforms including broadcast, billboard, digital and print – with the public learning a little more about Big Red and his exploits as time goes by.

While previous campaigns such as Like the Car, Only Better focused on the features of the new fleet – such as 4G WiFi, plug sockets, and reclining leather seats – this new campaign focuses on the quality of the Expressway journey experience. Big Red is powerful, friendly and re-assuring; he delivers a journey which is safe, comfortable, effortless and panoramic.

Expressway, Way Better positions the service as the aspirational choice for people who want to travel across Ireland. The viewer sees Big Red taking a passenger to the beauty of the countryside, a windswept beach and a tranquil fishing spot. The message conveyed is that ‘where your journey takes you is up to you – just take in it style, comfort and safety on Expressway.’

Sean Forde, Expressway Product Manager said that public transport is traditionally a low engagement category, but that the inter-city market in which Expressway operates is highly competitive.

“The aim of the campaign is to present a premium, modern and quality experience to encourage modal shift and to position Expressway as the preferred choice of transport.

“We know many of the consumer decisions we make are emotionally based and brands embody these emotional responses.  Big Red embodies our brand and personality and helps us to present the way we want to make our customers feel, when they choose to book a journey with us on our new website expressway.ie.

“The idea behind Big Red is simple and yet disruptive, it is a universal story of imagination: it is charming and intrinsically visual, perfect for today’s fractured media consumption.

John Moore is no stranger to Expressway having directed the previous advert “Like the Car, Only Better” and was he delighted to build on that vision with Big Red.”

Expressway is a network of 23 commercial routes across Ireland, operated with no State funding

The TV campaign was produced by Russell Curran Productions and the idea was developed with Bus Éireann’s advertising agency, Strategem iLabs


Monday, 27th June, 2016