Statement from Chairman of Bus Éireann

Statement from Chairman of Bus Éireann, Mr. Aidan Murphy

The directors of Bus Éireann have a fiduciary duty to ensure the financial sustainability of the company.

In doing so, the Board recognised the critical financial situation that exists and in February 2016, mandated the Commercial and Innovation sub-committee of the Board, to develop solutions and liaise with relevant stakeholders.

The Board and management cannot allow losses to continue at current levels without a plan which will achieve financial stability and safeguard the interests of employees, stakeholders and the general public. 

Given the gravity of the financial situation facing Bus Éireann, the Board have also commissioned an independent review of our plans.

Grant Thornton have been appointed to complete this review, and are expected to present their findings within four weeks.

When all options are reviewed they will be put forward to the Bus Éireann Board for consideration, so a decision can be made how best to proceed.


Tuesday, 27th September, 2016