Bus Éireann Statement on WRC talks breakdown, March 13, 2017

Bus Éireann Statement, March 13, 2017

Bus Éireann are extremely disappointed that talks with unions have broken down at the WRC today, following seven days of engagement.

Given the seriousness of our financial position, we always had a very tight timeframe to implement actions but we nevertheless engaged in good faith to facilitate intensive discussion, with the aim of reaching a negotiated settlement with trade unions.

Despite their public pronouncements about engaging on addressing the high level of inefficiencies, there has been no flexibility shown during our engagement on efficiency measures.

While inefficiencies have been acknowledged and accepted by unions, there was a refusal to accept any reduction of earnings, including unnecessary overtime earnings.

The management team will now report to the Board of Bus Eireann to urgently re-assess what further action is now appropriate, and necessary, to safeguard the organisation and the service we provide.

March 13, 2017

Monday, 13th March, 2017