Bus Éireann Statement on Board Meeting, 29 May 2017

The Board of Bus Éireann agreed today to sign off on the company’s 2016 financial statements and formally approved a Budget for 2017, along with a new Business Plan.

The plan critically relies on the implementation of cost saving measures which have been agreed with staff as part of a comprehensive Labour Court recommendation, to restore and strengthen the financial position of the company.

Aidan Murphy, Chairman of Bus Éireann said: “After a very difficult period, the Board welcomes the presentation of a viable business plan, which was formally approved today*, to enable management to advance a significant plan of progressive revenue enhancing and cost saving initiatives required for the business. This will, I believe, also form the basis of achieving a sustainable future for Bus Éireann.

“This company has a very proud heritage of providing a quality service to customers across Ireland over the past 30 years and I am now confident that we will continue to build on our past success to provide a sustainable and progressive service for all of our customers, staff and stakeholders into the future.”

“I now look forward to management and staff working together to successfully implement the measures recommended by the Labour Court.”

*This plan will require ratification by the Board of CIÉ, which will meet on June 7 next.

Monday, 29th May, 2017