Newly Improved Route 104 Balbriggan Town Service

On and from Monday, 29 August 2011, Bus Éireann will be providing shorter journey times on its Route 104 Balbriggan Town Service.

The newly improved frequent service will provide customers with a combination of two shorter loops of Balbriggan town, a North loop and a South loop, both operating via Balbriggan Railway Station in the centre of the town.

The North loop will serve the newer densely populated north of the  town extending to Hastings Green Roundabout and will operate in a clockwise direction from Balbriggan Station serving Chapel Street, Harry Reynolds Road, Chieftains Way, Barons Hall, Hastings Green, Brega, Hamlet Lane, Bremore and Drogheda Street returning to Balbriggan Station.

The South loop will serve the older part of Balbriggan town to the south and operate in a clockwise direction from Balbriggan Station serving Dublin Street, Castleton, Harry Reynolds Road, Millfield Shopping Centre, and Chapel Street returning to Balbriggan Station.

The newly improved route 104 service will operate in the opposite direction to the previous service in many locations. Customers are advised that bus stops may be located on the opposite side of the road. Customers will still be able to connect from either side of Balbriggan town and the last bus available from Balbriggan Railway Station is at 19:15 for customers arriving on trains from Dublin.

Bus Éireann is always looking at ways to improve our services and meet our customers’ needs. Following local consultation and a review of current customer journeys we decided to make changes to the 104 service by providing quicker journey times for customers travelling to/from Balbriggan Railway Station,” said Joe Kenny, Regional Manager East, Bus Éireann.

The changes to route 104 were sanctioned by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

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Tuesday, 23rd August, 2011