Sunday, 31 March - Daylight Saving Time timetable alterations

Bus Eireann wishes to advise customers of alterations to services due to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, 31 March 2013

Route X1: Dublin/Belfast - 03.00 service departing Belfast will depart at 04:00
Route X1: Dublin/Belfast - 03.00 service departing Dublin will depart at 04.00
Route 2: Dublin/Wexford - All departures from 02.00 will depart on new Summer time (+1hr)
Route 23: Dublin/Sligo - 01.00 service departing Sligo will depart as winter time
Route 30: Dublin/Donegal - 01.00 service departing Donegal will depart as winter time
Route 32: Dublin/Letterkenny - 01:45 service departing Letterkenny will depart as winter time
Nightrider 101N, 109N & 126N services will all operate as winter time.

Wednesday, 27th March, 2013