Revised Route 245, Clonmel - Ardfinnan -Ballyporeen -Mitchelstown -Fermoy -Cork effective 28/06/2015

A review of public transport bus services in North Cork & Tipperary was undertaken by the National Transport Authority (NTA) as a result of the planned introduction of a new Expressway Route X7 service Dublin-Kilkenny-Clonmel (which will no longer operate between Clonmel and Cork) from Sunday, 28 June 2015.

The section of the Route between Cork and Clonmel will now be operated by an extended Route 245, Clonmel - Ardfinnan -Ballyporeen -Mitchelstown -Fermoy -Cork service and Local Link Cork will provide additional services to ensure ongoing connectivity is maintained. The revised schedule will be introduced from Sunday, 28 June 2015.

These changes include increased frequency and the extension of Route 245 (Cork – Fermoy-Mitchelstown) to Clonmel. Local Link Cork will provide a network of services connecting Kilworth, Kildorrery & Glantworth to an enhanced Route 245 service at both Fermoy and Mitchelstown.

The revised network of services will deliver the following:

  • Extension of Route 245 to Clonmel also serving Ardfinnan, Clogheen & Ballyporeen
  • Improved weekday frequency of services between Clonmel & Cork
  • Improved weekend frequency of services between Clonmel & Cork
  • Additional services to Mitchelstown
  • Connections available at Clonmel for onward travel to Dublin City, Dublin Airport, Limerick, Kilkenny & Waterford.

These changes have been approved by the National Transport Authority.

Monday, 15th June, 2015