Route 208 - Customer Notice

Following approval from the National Transport Authority, the following enhancements will be made to Route 208: Mayfield – City Centre – Bishopstown/Curraheen from Sunday 28th February 2016: 

  • All services from Bishopstown to Lotabeg will be extended to serve Ashmount. This will result in slight departure time adjustments at all stops along the route. 
  • In the Bishopstown area all services will now operate a more direct routing along the Curraheen Rd in both directions as far as the Bishopstown Bar. 

As a result of the routing changes, the following stops will no longer be served by Route 208: 

  • Inbound
    • Hawkes Road (Gala Express)
    • Bishopstown Road (Opp O’Connor Opticians)
    • Bishopstown Rd (Bishopstown Bar)
  • Outbound
    • Bishopstown Road (Opp Bishopstown Bar)
    • Bishopstown Road (O’Connor Opticians)
    • Hawkes Road (Opposite Pharmacy) 

As a result of these changes the following additional stops will be served by Route 208: 

  • Inbound
    • Curraheen Rd (Westgate Road Junction)
    • Curraheen Rd (Firgrove Gardens) 
  • Outbound
    • Curraheen Rd (Opposite TSB Bank)
    • Curraheen Rd (The Outpost)


Friday, 12th February, 2016