Alterations to Route 208 Lotabeg/City Centre/Curraheen (Marymount Hospice)

Cork City Council has advised that Curraheen Road will be closed to traffic from the junction of Curraheen Lawn until Sunday, 27 August 2017.  This is to facilitate replacement of Curraheen Bridge.

As a result, Route 208 to Marymount Hospice will operate as normal as far as the old terminus on Curraheen Road only.

However, during this time, Route 208 will be unable to serve Marymount Hospice.  A minibus shuttle service will operate on the far side of the works transferring customers to travel to/from Marymount Hospice/Curraheen for duration of roadworks.  

Please note that this service will depart from the bus stop at Curraheen Road, Curraheen Estate, 2 minutes after departure time shown for Marymount Hospice.

Thursday, 20th July, 2017