Customer Notification – Suspension of the BÉClub, but the relaunched club is on the way!

Please note that the BÉClub will be suspended with effect from midnight on 6 December 2020 until its relaunch, which is currently planned for early 2021 (the “Suspension Period”).

During the Suspension Period, BÉClub members will not be able to earn points or redeem points against the purchase of any journey ticket or monthly offers for Bus Éireann services.

The relaunched loyalty programme will apply to Bus Éireann’s Expressway services only. The current BÉClub Terms and Conditions will be updated to reflect changes to the loyalty programme. 

All members of the BÉClub who wish to redeem points on Non-Expressway Bus Éireann services must do so by booking journeys using their existing points before midnight on 6 December 2020, in accordance with the current BÉClub Terms and Conditions. It will not be possible to redeem any such points against Non-Expressway Bus Éireann services under the relaunched loyalty programme. 

Points that have accrued to members as at midnight on 6 December 2020, which have not been redeemed, will automatically transfer to the relaunched loyalty programme when it commences. 

Bus Éireann intends to notify BÉClub members directly of the suspension of the loyalty programme.

Tuesday, 17th November, 2020