School Transport Tickets - Information Notice

School Transport tickets are being issued and will be posted over the coming days once payment or medical card details have been processed.

If you submitted payment/medical card details before the closing date of 1 August, you will be issued with a ticket or a temporary ticket (via email or post depending on how you made payment) to enable your child/children to avail of the service.


Parents/guardians who submitted a medical card for the School Transport Scheme and have not yet received their school bus ticket, will receive an email receipt which can be presented to the driver for travel over the coming days.



The Closing Date for ticket payments was 1 August 2014.

Payments for some 20,000 school bus tickets have been received late, after the closing date.  Despite this we have already issued almost 85% of these tickets where there was spare capacity on the school bus. 

The vast majority of those who paid late will receive a school bus ticket except for the small number of situations where the school bus is already full. 

The balance of the tickets to be issued to those who paid after the closing date but before the start of the school year on 26th August 2014 will be released by mid-September at the latest, and earlier than this in most cases. 

Payments for school bus tickets that are made after the start of the school year will be processed in due course and a ticket, or a refund if no seats remain available, will be arranged as soon as possible.

School bus tickets are issued subject to the conditions of the Department of Education & Skills School Transport Schemes.

Due to a delay in the issuing of some tickets for families, evidence of payment will be accepted for the opening days of the new school year, until Friday, 29 August 2014.  (All school transport tickets are issued subject to service availability and the conditions of the Department of Education & Skills School Transport Schemes.)

The temporary helpline 1800 945 945 will remain open from 09.00 to 20.00. Please call your local school transport office for any non-technical queries, and if phone lines are busy you can submit your enquiry by email instead.

Please note that ALL families, whether you have EXISTING PUPILS who have previously availed of School Transport, or NEW APPLICANTS who will use school transport in 2014/15, must complete a onetime registration process before payment can be submitted. We appreciate that this will take a few moments of your time and would ask you to follow the instructions outlined.

This new software requires compatible browsers and we ask customers to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher, which can be downloaded free of charge. There are some issues with the site, which we have identified as being related to the type of browser used. Over 40,500 families have successfully registered for school transport since 3 July last. Thank you for your time and patience.





Wednesday, 27th August, 2014