Bus Éireann seek Labour Court assistance

Bus Éireann wrote to all unions on 16 January outlining the actions, which we believe are required to deal with the immediate risk of insolvency while ensuring future competitiveness and sustainability. Bus Éireann has a viable future and can successfully compete but only if we make the necessary changes.

We are dedicated to securing the future of Bus Éireann as a premium employer and we have requested a meeting with all staff unions to discuss proposals which would restore our finances and protect the maximum number of jobs.

The unions have refused to meet the company or failed to confirm acceptance of our invitation and some have stated outrightly that they will not engage with the company on improved efficiencies and cost saving proposals. This is a very regrettable situation -  we require leadership from all sides to ensure meaningful discussions can commence.

The Labour Court accepted that they could not proceed on the 6 December to deal with the pay claim presented by the unions until a more detailed plan was made available by the company and they stated that they would remain available to the parties if required. Bus Éireann have now submitted detailed proposals to the unions with the objective of dealing with the unions claim for a wage increase within the context of overcoming an urgent financial crisis and ensuring future sustainability.

Bus Éireann management is seeking the assistance of the Labour Court and to re-convene. The company will write to the unions this week and a copy will be sent to the Labour court to facilitate a meeting of both parties.

Tuesday, 24th January, 2017