Bus Éireann Sets Benchmark in Employee Health & Wellbeing with BÉWell@Work Strategy

IBEC Well mark

Bus Éireann, Ireland's leading transportation provider, is proud to announce significant strides in its Employee Health & Wellbeing initiatives through its innovative BÉWell@Work strategy. Designed to foster a workplace culture where employees can thrive, the strategy has garnered widespread recognition for its proactive and holistic approach to promoting wellbeing.

Bus Éireann's Health & Wellbeing Strategic Action Plan exemplifies a proactive and holistic approach to promoting employee wellbeing. By addressing physical, mental, financial, and social dimensions of health, fostering a supportive culture, and engaging diverse stakeholders, the strategy demonstrates a commitment to creating a workplace where employees can thrive. Its success is evident in the tangible improvements in mental health support, social connectedness, and overall wellbeing outcomes. Recognizing this strategy acknowledges Bus Éireann's dedication to its workforce's health and sets a benchmark for excellence in workplace wellbeing initiatives.

"At Bus Éireann, we recognise that our employees are our greatest asset," said Martin Gillick, Employee Wellbeing Manager. "We are committed to ensuring their health and wellbeing are prioritised. Our BÉWell@Work strategy and the award of the IBEC Keepwell mark to the company reflects this commitment, offering comprehensive support across all aspects of employee wellness."

The BÉWell@Work strategy encompasses a range of initiatives tailored to address the diverse needs of Bus Éireann's workforce:

  1. Mental Health Support: Bus Éireann has implemented a range of mental health support programmes, including Mental Health First Aiders, counselling services, stress management workshops, and resilience training, to provide employees with the tools they need to manage their mental health effectively.
  2. Physical Wellness Programmes: The company offers health screenings, and access to wellness resources to encourage employees to prioritise their physical health.
  3. Financial Wellbeing: Bus Éireann provides financial planning workshops, retirement savings programmes, and access to financial advisors to support employees in achieving financial stability and security.
  4. Social Connectedness: Through team-building activities, social events, and community engagement initiatives, Bus Éireann fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its employees.

"By addressing the diverse needs of our workforce and creating a supportive environment where employees feel valued and empowered, we have seen significant improvements in employee morale, productivity, and overall wellbeing," added Martin Gillick, Bus Éireann Employee Wellbeing Manager.

Bus Éireann's commitment to employee health and wellbeing extends beyond its internal initiatives. The company actively collaborates with external partners, including healthcare providers, community organisations, and government agencies, to leverage resources and expertise in promoting employee wellness.

As Bus Éireann continues to prioritise the health and wellbeing of its workforce, the company remains dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in workplace wellbeing initiatives.

Tuesday, 14th May, 2024