National Tickets

National Tickets

National tickets are standard Bus Éireann bus tickets valid for travel within the Republic of Ireland.

To buy your National Ticket on line you simply select the origin and destination for your journey, the date you wish to travel and the ticket type(s) you wish to purchase

Once your credit card details have been processed, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation with a validation code.

You then print that e-mail or display on your mobile device and present it at the Bus Éireann ticket office or to the bus driver before travelling on the bus. You must present this e-mail otherwise ticket cannot be issued. The ticket clerk or bus driver will check the validation code electronically and then issue you with the appropriate travel ticket in exchange. The ticket issued by the Bus Driver or ticket clerk must be retained for your return journey and you will require that ticket for return journey.

Customers please note you may also be asked to produce photo identification when collecting your e-ticket, e.g. Valid Passport, Driver's licence with photo, International Student Identity Card, CIE Photo ID Card, National ID Card, Bus Pass with photo or Work ID with photo.

Customers accessing this website may buy National tickets online for journeys between up to 500 popular destinations throughout the country. Bus Éireann serves over 3,000 locations nationwide so it is not yet possible to buy tickets online for all destinations. The online ecommerce system is undergoing further development and will be expanded over time to include additional destinations.

Ticket Types

The following are the categories of National Tickets available online:

  • Single Tickets - valid for one single journey only on date of issue
  • Return Tickets - valid for one outward and one inward journey only, they are not valid for two journeys in the same direction.
  • Ordinary Monthly Return Tickets - valid for one outward journey on date of issue and for return journey for up to 30 days from date of outward travel.
  • Day Return Tickets - valid for one outward journey on date of issue and for return journey on the same day.
  • Weekly 10 Journey Tickets - valid for 10 journeys as specified for a period of seven consecutive days inclusive of date of issue and including Sundays, e.g. a weekly ticket issued on Tuesday is valid up to and including the following Monday.
  • Family Return Tickets - valid as Ordinary Monthly Return Tickets are issued to family groups consisting of one or two adults and up to a maximum of three children under 16 years of age.

Claims for refunds in respect of unused tickets will be considered solely at the discretion of Bus Éireann and will be subject to such administration charge of €5.

Use your Mobile

Use your mobile to display your eTicketBus Éireann customers can use their mobile device to display their e-tickets.

No more last minute dashes to printers, no more worries about empty ink cartridges and paper trays, all you need now to board our coaches, is the phone in your pocket. 

It’s just a small part of our ongoing process to improve every journey you take with us.

Using your mobile to display your e-ticket is easy.


  1. Buy your ticket online.
  2. Open your email displaying your ticket details on your phone.
  3. On boarding the coach, ensure the driver can clearly see your name, journey details and MAC number
  4. The driver will then enter your MAC number on the ticket machine and print out your ticket.
  5. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your journey.

Travel the simple way, and get there with Bus Éireann

All Bus Éireann tickets are issued subject to the Conditions of the Company.

Customers should CLEARLY display the ‘Ticket Details’ section on your mobile device and display to the bus driver when you travel. Tickets cannot be issued if ticket details are not CLEARLY displayed.

Please keep your MAC Numbers confidential. Customers please note you will be asked to produce photo ID when collecting your ticket, e.g. Valid Passport, Driver’s Licence with photo, International Student Identity Card, CIÉ photo ID card, National ID card or Bus Pass with photo.