Garda Vetting – Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann is registered with An Garda Síochána National Vetting Bureau to conduct vetting. This process is carried out in a highly sensitive and confidential manner.

It is illegal to operate a school bus or taxi service unless you have been Vetted & Approved by Bus Éireann

Why do we conduct Garda Vetting?

Under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016, vetting of personnel who work with children and vulnerable adults is required by law.

The Act states that it is an offence for a person to engage in any work or activity with children and vulnerable adults, unless that person has been vetted by the National Vetting Bureau. Penalties  will be applied to those found in breach of this Act.

Who do we vet?

The Act applies to any person who is carrying out any work or activity, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children and vulnerable adults.

This includes contractors and nominated bus & taxi drivers operating school transport services on behalf of Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann does not conduct vetting for individuals on a personal basis.

What do I need to have before I apply?

Please note that this is an online process and all applicants will be required to provide (upload) the following:

  • Email Address:
    (Bus Éireann assumes that the email provided is personal to you. Bus Éireann may use this email to correspond with you as necessary. We will not be liable if personal details are inadvertently disclosed through the email provided).
  • Driving Licence:
    (Must be Irish Driving licence except for those currently residing in Northern Ireland)
  • Bus Éireann Medical Fitness Certificate
    (Medical Examination must be within the last 6 months)
    (Medical Cert Form A  – for those 65 years of age and UNDER – click here to download and print form)
    (Medical Cert Form B  – for those 66 years of age and OVER – click here to download and print form)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (Required if you have lived outside of Ireland while over 18 years of age)
    (Basic Disclosures or Disclosure for Immigration Purposes are not acceptable)
  • Recent Passport Size Colour Photograph – A second copy of your driving licence photograph is not acceptable. A head and shoulders selfie style colour photograph is acceptable.
  • Employer’s Proof of Identity Declaration Form
    (If you are a Nominated School Bus Driver for Contractor, this form is available from your employer)
    (A Contractor must nominate a driver and if all is in order, the Local School Transport Office will release this form upon request only. Bus Éireann must validate a contractors identity)
    (This form must be dated within the last 30 days and must be completed in full).

NB: Please note Bus Éireann may be required to provide the aforementioned documentation to An Garda Síochána.  Applicants may be required to provide an NDLS Driver Statement in certain instances.

How do I apply for Garda Vetting?

Bus Éireann or a Bus Éireann Approved Contractor will invite an applicant to participate in the online vetting process.

The online process consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Bus Éireann Online Invitation Form

  • The applicant must complete a Bus Eireann Online Invitation Form
  • The applicant must upload copies of all the required documentation:
    • Driving Licence
    • Bus Éireann Medical Fitness Certificate
    • Police Clearance Certificate - (if applicable)
    • Recent Passport Size Colour Photograph – A second copy of your driving licence photograph is not acceptable. A head and shoulders selfie style colour photograph is acceptable
    • Employer’s Proof of Identity Declaration Form

Stage 2 – Online National Vetting Bureau Application Form

Following completion of the Bus Eireann Online Invitation Form, the applicant will receive an email from An Garda Síochána National Vetting Bureau ( requesting them to complete an online application. To access this application form an applicant will need their Email Address and Date of Birth.

The applicant must ensure that the following information is readily available:

  • List of names that the applicant may also be known as i.e. maiden name, married name, nickname or name that they are commonly known as other than the name on their birth certificate. e.g., Patrick (known as Paddy or Pat)
  • A list of all previous addresses since birth.
  • The following information is required in relation to any criminal record that may be held by the applicant: Court Date, Court Name, Offence, Court Outcome.

If the applicant does not access his/her invitation within 30 days, it will expire. Once expired the applicant will have to go through the Bus Éireann invitation process again from the beginning.

How does the Vetting process Work?

The vetting itself is carried out by An Garda Síochána National Vetting Bureau and refers to an individual’s record of convictions in the Republic of Ireland or elsewhere. This includes all convictions and/or prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed. The vetting process may also disclose information in relation to specified information such as pertinent information concerning a bona fide concern that there is a finding or allegation of harm to another person received by the National Vetting Bureau from An Garda Síochána or a Scheduled Organisation.

The outcome of the vetting process is assessed by Bus Éireann. Each case is treated individually and gives due regard to the circumstances notified.

Bus Éireann acknowledges that, in certain circumstances, in order to safeguard our standard of services, it may not be appropriate for an individual with convictions or prosecutions (completed or pending, successful or not) to provide services on its behalf.

Bus Éireann reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to object at any time to any person nominated as a driver of a school transport service.

Where can I get more Information on Garda Vetting?

Further information is available for the Garda Vetting Website 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have the correct documentation before you press the click here button below.

The Proof of Identity Declaration Form, issued to you by your Employer (i.e. School Bus Contractor or Bus Éireann Local School Transport Office, MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL before uploading.

Click here to apply for Garda Vetting for Bus Éireann eVetting Invitation