Student Travel

Student can save 20% off an adult ticket by purchasing a student ticket

Save up to 20% with Student Fares & Join béClub to redeem great rewards

Every day thousands of third level students get to and from College on Ireland’s largest national bus and coach network

Q. Why travel Bus Éireann?

  • Students save up to 20% off normal Adult Fares
  • Free Wi-Fi on over 190 buses and coaches
  • Dedicated Student Services to various colleges and for one-off student events across the country
  • Huge range of city, town-to-town and inter-city services
  • Greatest choice of departure and arrival times
  • Travel in comfort and convenience on Expressway servicing over 30 routes linking every major town and city in the country

Q. How do I buy a ticket?

Buy your bus ticket online here or you can also purchase tickets in-station or in participating SU offices/shops.

Q. What type of tickets can I buy?

Special Student Fares are available for all qualifying students on all our main services for:

  • Single
  • Standard return (Valid for one month from departure date)
    10 Journey

Student Weekly and Monthly Commuter tickets are available on Provincial City Services.

Q. Can I get FREE student things?

Yes! When you join béClub you get 10 points for every €1 spent online which can be redeemed against your Bus Éireann bus ticket, or to enter our great competitions. Join béClub now.

Q. What Student IDs does Bus Éireann accept?

Second Level Students

Third Level Students

  • Student ID cards as issued by any of these recognised third-level colleges in the Republic
  • ‘Student Travelcard' issued by Student Travelcard for full time Third Level Students
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) issued by USIT for full time Third Level Students
  • Translink Student Card issued in Northern Ireland to full time Third Level Students
  • USI Plus Card as issued by or at Student Union Offices nationally.

The following organisation ID cards, presented by members who hold a valid ID card, are also accepted by Bus Éireann for the purchase of student fares

  • Macra na Feirme membership card
  • Epilepsy Ireland membership card
  • ICMSA membership card 

Tickets issued at student fares are only valid for travel with a valid student ID card bearing a photograph of the holder

Student Fare Tickets can be bought in most College Student Union shops and offices in the country

Our staff attend Student Days & Events on campuses across the country or you can email our Customer Care department.

Keep an eye out for regular Bus Éireann student promotions for extra savings.

Foreign Student Commuter Tickets

Special Commuter Tickets are issued in Cork and Galway to foreign students participating in exchange programmes for language study. The tickets are only available through the particular school/college attended by the student. These tickets may be issued for various periods of validity which are specified on the tickets at time of issue.

Tickets issued in Cork area are valid for travel on city and suburban buses.

A separate Photo ID Card is not required for these tickets, but holders may be required to provide suitable identification i.e. Passport, National Identity Card or Student Identity Card. 

Commuter Tickets issued in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford are valid only in the city in which they are issued.

Commuter Tickets must be presented with a valid CIÉ Photo ID Card of the holder with the corresponding validation number entered on the ticket. Tickets remain the property of Bus Éireann and must be produced for inspection at any time during a journey, or surrendered if demanded by any authorised official.

Photo ID Cards for commuter tickets are issued at Bus Éireann Travel Centres at Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.