Customer Charter

  1. Dear Customer
  2. Introduction
  3. Delivering a Safe, Reliable and Punctual Service
    1. Reliability
    2. Punctuality
    3. Safety
  4. When You Travel on our Services
  5. Customer Service at Our Bus Stations
  6. Information on our Services
  7. Maintaining and building on our relationship with you
  8. Overcoming difficulties when things go wrong
  9. Providing an efficient response
  10. Travel Advice - Helping Us to Help You
  11. In your own interest
  12. Contact Details
    1. South
    2. West
    3. East
  13. Travel Information Telephone Numbers
  14. Bus Stations
  15. Customer Charter Audit

Dear Customer,

Bus Éireann’s integrated network of local, city, commuter and long distance services connects communities throughout Ireland by enabling customers to travel between villages, towns and cities across the country.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a comprehensive, quality public transport service through our integrated network.

In Bus Éireann, we strongly believe in providing a friendly, effective, value-for-money and safe service to all our customers and treat everyone with due care and consideration. We recognise the diversity of our customers and the importance of meeting their varied needs.

Over the last number of years, we have introduced many new routes and enhanced existing services. In addition, through funding from the National Transport Authority, and our own resources, we have introduced new state of the art, higher-capacity fleet on many of our routes to enhance customer comfort and increase capacity on many of our services.

The primary focus of Bus Éireann is consistent improvement in every sphere of the company and its operations. The company has made significant progress in improving customer services in recent years.

The publication of our Customer Charter recognises and reinforces our efforts towards meeting our goal of continuous improvement.

Our performance in meeting the commitments set out in the Charter is independently audited quarterly every year and the commitments are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue to reflect realistic and challenging objectives on which to focus our efforts.

In addition to the specific pledges given in the Charter, we will continue to strive to improve all aspects of our operations.

Recent improvements highlight the company’s commitment to leadership and innovation in the public transport area.

  • Bus Éireann has introduced real-time passenger information allowing customers to obtain up the minute information on arrivals and departures at bus stops throughout the country on their mobile phones, via SMS, online and in bus stations.
  • New inter-city services with greatly reduced journey times have been introduced to take advantage of the country’s enhanced motorway network
  • Additional Ticket Vending Machines are provided in bus stations for the convenience of customers.
  • Accessible coach services for long-distance services have commenced on a number of selected routes. All of our city buses are already accessible.
  • The number of services operating to and from airports around the country has been greatly expanded
  • The introduction of an eco-driving programme is benefiting the environment through reduced emissions
  • The use of double-deck coaches on commuter routes has enhanced the travelling experience for customers and greatly increased capacity on these routes
  • Wi-fi has been introduced across all of our fleet and stations
  • A new dedicated Customer Care Team was established centrally to focus on delivering our customer charter objectives which are also in line with our obligations under the Public Service Obligation contract awarded by the NTA (National Transport Authority). Over 1,500 queries are promptly responded to weekly either through email, post, or social media.
  • We have set response time targets for any complaints when we experience a service failure and where possible we will issue a substantive reply within 5 working days of receipt or, if this is not possible, no later than 15 working days of receipt.
  • A new National Customer Helpline was established in November 2015. This service is available Monday to Sunday from 0830 to 1800 and hosts all calls placed through lo-call number - 1850 836 611, where any of our Helpline team will answer within 60 seconds

All of these improvements are made possible through the active support of committed team of people working in Bus Éireann who will continue to provide you, our valued customer, with a high quality service both now and in the future.

Bus Éireann and its employees are working hard to ensure your experience of Bus Éireann is positive and satisfying.

Your ongoing support as we endeavour to improve our services is appreciated.

Thank you for your valued custom.


Stephen Kent
Chief Executive Officer

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Bus Éireann was formed in 1987 as a subsidiary of CIÉ to provide bus services throughout Ireland, with the exception of Dublin City. Bus Éireann employs over 2,500 people directly and operate a fleet of over 1,200 buses and coaches. The business is structured into 5 regions, each based on a major business centre managed by a Regional Manager.

This Charter sets out Bus Éireann’s commitments for our -

  • Expressway Inter Urban Coach Services
  • Provincial City and Town Services provided under Public Service Contract.
  • Stage Carriage Commuter and Rural Bus Services provided under Public Service Contract.

Copies of this charter are also available in Irish and can be obtained by contacting your local Regional Manager, details of names and address shown below.

This Customer Charter sets out our commitment to you to achieve high standards of service. It does not create any new legal relationship with you and it does not affect your legal rights or obligations.

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Delivering a Safe, Reliable and Punctual Service


  • We will operate a minimum of 98% of scheduled timetable departures.


  • It is our policy that no scheduled service should operate ahead of its timetable.
  • 95% of all scheduled Expressway services will leave within 10 minutes of their timetable time from their originating departure point.


  • Your safety and that of our staff will continue to take precedence over all activities.
  • We aim to ensure that our safety standards are maintained.

When you travel on our services

  • It is our policy to update our fleet on a planned basis.
  • We will ensure that the heating, ventilation and lighting on board our vehicles are working and set to a comfortable level.
  • We will clean the inside and outside of all in-service buses and coaches at least once a day where facilities are available.
  • Our drivers will be well presented, friendly, helpful and courteous to you at all times.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited by law on our services; we will continue to enforce these laws with the assistance of the relevant authorities.
  • Buses and coaches will display correct destination information and/or route number at all times.

Customer Service at our Bus Stations

We will provide the following facilities at main Bus Stations, listed below:

  • A waiting area that is clean and free from litter and offers protection from the weather.
  • Up to date information on our services.
  • A public phone, clock and use of a toilet.
  • An enquiry and sales assistance.
  • Our staff at Bus stations will be well presented, friendly, helpful and courteous to you at all times.
  • At our Bus Stations you should have to wait no longer than 5 minutes for information or to buy a ticket at off peak times. During peak times you should have to wait no longer than 10 minutes.

Information on our services

  • We aim to reduce our average response time to telephone enquiries from 60 seconds to 45 seconds. Details of our national network of telephone enquiry numbers are set out below.
  • We will continue to publish and distribute widely our national timetable and make them available on our website.
  • We will publish and distribute a range of local timetables, posters and leaflets as well as placing notices in the public press and advertisements on local radio.
  • You can access timetables and details of our services at our website You can request information on our services by emailing our Customer Care Department.
  • We will publicise alterations to our timetable in advance of changes taking place.
  • We will maintain our network of travel and information centres at our bus stations throughout the country.
  • We shall provide as and when accessible routes become available an advance booking service to facilitate wheelchair users on designated wheelchair routes. Booking must be made 1 or 2 days in advance depending on the day of travel.

Maintaining and building on our relationship with you

We welcome and appreciate your views and suggestions on how to improve our services and to this end we:

  • Provide freepost customer comment cards at all Bus Stations.
  • Provide email facilities for on-line customers

Overcoming difficulties when things go wrong

Bus Éireann is committed to ensuring that the proper care of our customers is a predominant factor in the selection and training of our employees. We trust that staff dealing with you can assist in overcoming difficulties you may encounter in using our services at the time such difficulties may arise.

If however you have a complaint or difficulty that you wish to pursue you can write to the relevant Regional Manager, names and addresses are set out below. Please include as much detail as possible such as time of travel, origin and destination of your journey to assist us in dealing with you.

We are committed to fully and fairly investigating all complaints and welcome the opportunity they offer to resolve any difficulties you experience.

If you are not satisfied with the reply you receive from our Regional Manager you may request our Chief Commercial Officer to review your complaint by writing to him at Bus Éireann, Broadstone, Dublin 7.

Providing an efficient response

  • We will fully investigate all complaints received.
  • If we cannot give you an immediate response we will acknowledge your letter within 5 working days of receiving it and will forward a full reply within 15 working days.
  • If for any reason it is not possible to fully respond within 15 days you will receive within that time details of the cause of the delay in replying and an anticipated time within which your complaint will be finalised.

Travel Advice - Helping us to help you

  • To help us in providing you with a good service we would very much appreciate your assistance and co-operation on the following matters.
  • Be at the Bus Station or bus stop in good time. Allow for time to purchase your ticket, in advance, at the Bus Station.
  • If at a bus stop please signal to the bus driver to stop.
  • Please place heavy luggage in the boot of the bus.
  • If possible have the correct change available. Please have pre-purchased tickets or passes available for inspection or cancellation.
  • Avail of handrails when moving up and down the aisle of the bus or when standing.
  • We would be grateful if you would move to the back of the coach/bus to take up a seat, as this will keep the entrance area clear.
  • Please do not engage the driver in conversation while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Smoking or the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law on our coaches and buses.
  • If you are using a personal stereo while travelling please adjust the volume so that it will not be a source of irritation or annoyance to other customers seated near you.
  • If you find it necessary to use a mobile ‘phone during the course of your journey, please do so in a discreet manner and with consideration for other customers.

In your own interest

  • Please ensure that your luggage is clearly labelled, showing your name and either a contact address or telephone number.
  • Please do not leave luggage unattended in the bus stations or depots; apart from the risk of loss or theft unattended luggage may be deemed a security risk and disposed of accordingly.
  • Do not include items of high value in luggage, which is loaded in the coach compartment. Items such as money, credit cards, travel/identity documents, photographic/computer equipment and study materials should be kept in hand luggage which you should keep with you at all times.

Regional Contact Details:



Martin Walsh, Regional Manager (021) 4557101
Tim O'Leary, Services Manager (021) 4557102
Bus Éireann, Capwell, Cork.  
Michael Faherty, Services Manager, (051) 873401
Bus Éireann, Plunkett Station, Waterford  


Brian Connolly, Regional Manager; (091) 513708
Bus Éireann, Ceannt Station, Eyre Square, Galway (091) 563555
Denis Maher, Services Manager,  
Bus Éireann, Casement Station, Tralee. (066) 7164700
Bus Éireann, Roxboro Rd. Limerick. (061) 217403

Kieran McShea, Services Manager  
Bus Éireann, McDiarmada Station, Sligo. (071) 9160066


Adrian O'Loughlin, Regional Manager (01) 8302222
Lynn Cullen, Services Manager (01) 7033300
Bus Éireann, Broadstone, Dublin 7  
Joanne Duffy, Services Manager (042) 682 5900
Bus Éireann, Long Walk, Dundalk  

e-mail: Customer Care Department

Customer Charter Audit

The Bus Éireann Customer Charter Audit is conducted quarterly to establish if the Company’s performance levels reach the requirements outlined in its Customer Charter.  The Audit is carried out by an independent research company, in three parts:

  1. Customers are interviewed about their experiences and opinions of Bus Éireann services
  2. Independent researchers observe bus departures and queuing times for tickets/information
  3. Mystery shop evaluations measure response times to enquiries and availability of station facilities

The Bus Éireann Customer Charter sets out a range of commitments in areas such as:

  • Service reliability and punctuality
  • Bus cleanliness and on-board comfort
  • Display of route number and destination on buses
  • Safety and the enforcement of regulations on smoking and alcohol
  • Appearance, courtesy and helpfulness of bus drivers and station staff
  • Provision of information on services and response times to enquiries and complaints
  • Station cleanliness, facilities and services

The surveys and observations are conducted at eight locations (Dublin, Dublin Airport, Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Dundalk) and cover all service categories (i.e. Expressway, Local/Commuter and City/Town services).

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