You searched for Dublin Airport(Atrium Rd Zone10 Stop1) to Portlaoise

Expressway Route X12, Dublin - Limerick

Timetable for Route X12. Outbound journey for Monday to Sunday.
Service Number
Dublin Airport (Atrium Rd Zone 10 Stop 2) DEP.06.0008.0010.0012.0013.0014.0016.0018.0020.00
Dublin (Busáras)06.30 P08.30 P10.30 P12.30 P13.30 P14.30 P16.30 P18.30 P20.30 P
Dublin (Opp. Heuston Station)06.40 P08.40 P10.40 P12.40 P13.40 P14.40 P16.40 P18.40 P20.40 P
Newlands Cross (Southbound)06.50 P08.50 P10.50 P12.50 P13.50 P14.50 P16.50 P18.50 P20.50 P
Portlaoise (Hospital)07.3509.3511.3513.3514.3515.3517.3519.3521.35
Portlaoise (Laois Shopping Centre N80)07.4009.4011.4013.4014.4015.4017.4019.4021.40
Roscrea (Christy Maher's Pub)08.1010.1012.1014.1015.1016.1018.1020.1022.10
Nenagh (Banba Square − AXA Insurance)08.3510.3512.3514.3515.3516.3518.3520.3522.35
Annacotty Bridge (Southbound)09.10 D11.10 D13.10 D15.10 D16.10 D17.10 D19.10 D21.10 D23.10 D
Dublin Rd (Opp The Hurlers Pub)09.12 D11.12 D13.12 D15.12 D16.12 D17.12 D19.12 D21.12 D23.12 D
University of Limerick (Stables)09.15 D11.15 D13.15 D15.15 D16.15 D17.15 D19.15 D21.15 D23.15 D
Limerick (Bus Station) ARR.09.2511.2513.2515.2516.2517.2519.2521.2523.25