School Transport Safety

The operation of a safe school transport service, provided in an efficient and effective manner, is the highest priority for Bus Éireann in its management of the School Transport Scheme. In respect of ensuring the highest standards of safety, we always work with the relevant stakeholders such as the RSA and HSA and other organisations to improve the safety standards across all of the national public service vehicle fleet, and apply very strict compliance criteria to those contractors who operate on our behalf.

Our Commitment to Safe School Transport

Click here to read of Statement on School Transport Safety

Click here to view the School Transport Policy on Status Red Weather warnings

Click here to view our Child Safeguarding policy

“Wear Your SeatBelt”

At Bus Éireann, it is our priority to ensure children are safe when travelling on our services, therefore all Bus Éireann school buses are fitted with seat belts.

To reinforce the importance of wearing a seat belt while travelling on school buses, we have a safety campaign to raise awareness among children, parents, and teachers.

We would like to introduce you to ‘Buster & The Beltups’. Bus Éireann’s mascot, ‘Buster’, is joined by a quirky bunch of characters called ‘The Beltups’. This group are on a mission to encourage children to wear seat belts while travelling on the school bus.

Check out our video to see them in action!


Behaviour standards

We expect good behaviour from children when using the school transport we provide. If your child misbehaves on school transport we may withdraw the transport we provide. You will also have to pay for any damage caused by your child.

Children must:

  • keep their ticket/pass with them when travelling
  • keep their belongings with them and not obstruct the gangways or exits
  • take all litter away with them
  • refrain from excessive noise
  • remain in their seats until the vehicle has stopped when it is time to get off

Children must not:

  • disturb the driver
  • smoke or vape
  • eat or drink
  • play music unless personal headphones are used
  • speak to or distract the driver except in an emergency or when the vehicle is stationary
  • trail scarves or other items from windows
  • throw anything from the vehicle

Withdrawing transport because of bad behaviour

If we ban your child, we will give you notice in writing beforehand and tell you how long your child is banned from travelling on the vehicle for. It will be your responsibility to ensure your child gets to and from school during that time.

At the end of that period you will need to assure us of your child's improved behaviour for them to be allowed to travel on the vehicle again.


Safety Tips Sheet

These safety tips will help you reinforce this very important safety message. They’re also colourfully illustrated to really capture children’s imagination.

Belt Up Safely Poster

These engaging posters will create awareness of this very important safety message. Please place in your school entrance hall and also in your classrooms.

Seat Belt Safety Certificate

Reward good behaviour! These certificates can be given to your children at the end of the week if they wear their seat belts every day.