How to apply for School Transport

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New applications are considered as:

  • Pupils who will be attending junior infants in Primary School or first year in Post Primary School for the first time in 2024.
  • Pupils that may move home address or will be attending a new school in the 2024/25 school year

School Bus Driver standing in front of a yellow school bus

New customers to the school transport scheme should see below to find out how to apply for School Transport. Existing customers who may have changed their attending school or home address in the past year are requested to check their applications for 24/25 to ensure they are accurate and up to date.  The closing date for new applications was Friday 26 April 2024.  Any new applications made after the closing date are considered late applications and families may not be guaranteed a seat.

Customers are asked to familiarise themselves with the terms of the scheme and eligibility rules that apply. 

Applications for pupils with special educational needs arising from a diagnosed disability should be made through The National Council for Special Education.

Register for School Transport

If you are a first time user, you will need to create an online Family Portal account. If you are a returning Account Holder who is adding a new pupil, you can proceed straight to the login page.

Click on the links provided on the login page to create your account. Before you begin, you must have a valid email address. Registration ensures that you can access the services available. Registration also confirms that you have a valid email address that we can use to send you communications and notifications. You need to register once only.
The online Family Portal runs best on a PC or laptop. Mobile Phone / Tablet use is not recommended.

Service Provision

The eligibility criteria for School Transport for the 2024/25 school year is as follows:

  • Children are eligible for transport at primary level where they reside not less than 3.2 kilometres from and are attending their nearest national school, and at post primary level where they reside not less than 4.8 kilometres from and are attending their nearest post primary school/education centre as determined by the department/Bus Éireann, having regard to ethos and language.
  • Children who are eligible for school transport and who have completed the application and payment process on time will be accommodated on school transport services where such services are in operation.
  • Children who are not eligible for school transport, but who complete the application and payment process on time, will be considered for spare seats that may exist after eligible children have been facilitated; such seats are referred to as concessionary seats.
  • Because of the nature of concessionary transport for non-eligible children and the priority of providing places for eligible children, there may be an excess of demand over supply for concessionary places, in these cases Bus Éireann will allocate tickets for spare seats using an agreed selection process.
  • In addition, temporary alleviation measures will continue for the 2024/25 school year and this means that transport will be provided for post-primary pupils who are eligible for transport to their nearest school and are attending their second nearest school and who apply and pay on time.

Full details on eligibility can be found by clicking:

Distance eligibility will be determined by Bus Éireann by measuring the shortest traversable route from the child’s home to the relevant school.

A minimum number of 10 eligible children residing in a distinct locality, as determined by Bus Éireann, are required before consideration may be given to the establishment or retention of school transport services, provided this can be done within reasonable cost limits.

For school bus operating purposes a “distinct locality” is a cluster of eligible children who reside in the same general area, in the same general direction from the school attended, as determined by Bus Éireann taking cognisance of the local road network. A service to convey a group of children whose homes are at scattered points in a school district would not be considered.

A seat on a service will not be guaranteed in the event that parents/guardians of children submit late applications or make late payments after the deadline published on Bus Éireann invoices, regardless of eligibility status under this Scheme.

Changing your School or Home Address

If you are changing your home address or school that the child is attending, you must apply for School Transport again. Your eligibility status may change as a result.