If you wish to undertake filming or photo shoots on Bus Éireann services and property, or at bus stops, please see requirements needed. 

Please Note: We do not allow filming on buses, which are in service.

Cost: A fee in advance is required prior to filming/photoshoot to cover administration costs and an agreed rate for filming based on requirements will be agreed and invoiced prior to commencing filming.

Contact Information

Please email the details of your request to and include the following information:

  • Date and time of proposed filming (we cannot facilitate filming during peak times – Monday to Saturday (07.00-9.00 & 16.30-18.30) 
  • Location
  • Details of filming requirements with a general synopsis
  • Insurance Details (see requirements below)
  • Copy of script (Written confirmation that Bus Éireann will not be shown in a negative light)
  • Number and details of film crew or personnel involved
  • Details of equipment involved in the shoot
  • Contact details

We require a minimum of 20 working days’ notice for all filming/photoshoot requests.

Insurance Details

The following specifics must be provided in advance of filming or photoshoot:

  • Specific Indemnity to Bus Éireann and CIE to be noted under all liability policies for the duration of the filming to be placed on your insurance  
  • A minimum of €5 million public/product/pollution liability insurance cover ,insurance requirements may be up to €6.5 million as defined by our insurance company
  • Confirmation that the equipment being used is insured on a reinstatement basis with a waiver of rights to recovery against Bus Éireann/CIÉ if the value of the equipment is above €100,000 
  • Motor Third Party Property Damage of €2.6 million should be obtained if commercial vehicles will be entering our property.
  • Employers Liability Insurance Cover of at least €13 million. 
  • When appropriate insurances are in place, insurance details are to be emailed to
  • Filming cannot proceed until clearance is received from our insurance brokers
  • €500 will be charged in advance of commencing any filming, TO COVER ADMINISTRATION COSTS ONLY
  • Other costs associated with the film production, eg. Supervisory inspector, safety and operations staff where necessary, location fee etc. will be estimated in advance, and invoiced to the film company in advance of filming commencing. Once the filming assignment has been agreed and invoiced there will be a strict no refund policy.
  • The Bus Éireann indemnity form should be signed and returned to person dealing with your application prior to date of filming. If film crew are students, tutor must sign indemnity form
  • Any property is at owners risk while filming with Bus Éireann

To note: A Bus Éireann member of staff will be provided to accompany film crew for the duration of the filming and will be in charge of the film crew, who must strictly adhere to the inspectors requirements.

Other relevant information:

All filming on Bus Éireann is subject to safety and operational requirements and we cannot guarantee that the filming will proceed as our main business is to operate our bus and coach services.  It may be necessary for Bus Éireann to cancel with little or no notice due to unforeseen circumstances and no compensation.