Level 5 Update - Restricted capacity on public transport services and ban on inter-county travel

The Government has placed all counties in the Republic of Ireland on Level 5 of the Plan for Living with COVID-19 from Saturday, 26 December until Friday, 5 March. To support this, public transport operators are required to restrict the passenger capacity to 25% of normal levels across all routes for the duration of this period.

No new inter-county travel will be allowed after St Stephen's Day, 26 December, which means that people must stay in their own county from 27 December.

Unless you are travelling for essential purposes, which includes work, food and medical purposes, Government advice is that you avoid using public transport. Please consider if your journey is essential and help us to provide space for those who need to travel, including essential frontline workers.

We wish to remind customers of HSE advice that public transport should not be used by people attending a Covid-19 test appointment

If your journey is essential, please remember to wear a face covering when using public transport and to buy your ticket in advance online at www.expressway.ie and www.buseireann.ie, from a ticket vending machine or use your TFI Leap Card.

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2020